BitNami Open Source CMS Stacks
Bitnami, OSS installation stack champion of the Universe, has just released a stack for the Alfresco Enterprise CMS platform. Linux and Windows versions of the new stack are available immediately, and an OS/X version is in the pipeline.In an earlier commentary on the BitNami range, this correspondent foolishly made the point that a wizard-based installation for OSS on the server might not be the best thing since sliced bread after all, because if the installation encounters any hitches then the whole thing is likely to stall. But this correspondent was blowing smoke, because while that would still largely hold for remote/hosting provider server environments, a local server can in fact be optimized for Bitnami's stacks if one of Bitnami's own server environment stacks is installed on it. [** See addendum at end of article.] Like their LAMPstack, for instance, which will install your Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP; and do it in a way which ensures that the Bitnami stack you wish to install will actually work. If you have a local server, you now have a seemingly idiot-proof path to a top class Web CMS or even full-scale Enterprise CMS solution for your organization. Here's our moron's guide to a free, enterprise-scale content management system: * Download Bitnami's WAMP or LAMP or MAMP pile, and stick it on your server * Download Bitnami's Alfresco /KnowledgeTree/Drupal/Joomla, etc. installation stack, and upload that baby too Voila! The LAMP / WAMP / MAMP stack sets up your system for the installation of Drupal, or Alfresco, or whatever. Now ain't that sweet? Go to the website for more info on the Bitnami Alfresco installation stack, and for access to the WAMP, LAMP and MAMP installation stacks. Go here to figure out whether you would want Alfresco, and indeed here for our own coverage of the product. Happy Alfresco-ing and server non-managing! Addendum: Your hapless hack has failed failed you once again, readers. Erica from Bitnami wrote us to clear up a 'miscommunication'. Quoting Erica:
"The Alfresco Stack (or any Bitnami Stack) includes everything you need to run it – it already includes OpenOffice, Apache Tomcat, MySQL, ImageMagick and JDK. So, people don’t need to download LAMP Stack first, and then Alfresco. The LAMP Stacks are meant for people who want to run other applications that we haven’t yet created stacks for. So, just to confirm, all someone has to do to install any Bitnami Stack is download it and click through the installation wizard. That’s it!"
40 lashes from the editor have already been appropriated.