BitNami Open Source CMS Stacks has officially been launched, offering free installation stacks for a host of open source packages designed to make the deployment of such packages as Drupal and Joomla! infinitely easier for all.Numerous downloadable, ready-to-run packages are available from Bitnami; each of which automate the installation and configuration process for techies and non-techies alike. Stacks currently on offer include: * DokuWiki * Drupal * Joomla * KnowledgeTree * Liferay * Mantis * MediaWiki * Opina * phpBB * Redmine * Roller * Trac * Wordpress * Alfresco ...and Moodle in the pipeline. Phew! As someone currently grappling with the horrible intricacies of getting Movable Type 4 up and running on a remote server, I have nothing but encouragement for any organization out there who can help with the deployment process. Of course, not all OSS products are as clunky and temperamental as MT4 in terms of installation, and I rather doubt whether any have such unhelpful and conflicting installation instructions, but nonetheless. We love top OSS products like MT4 Community. But getting them up and running can be a serious pain. Any chance of a MT4 stack, guys? Preferably by, say 8pm tonight? Put on a pot of coffee... Installation is as straightforward as you might hope: a wizard runs through the whole process, doing what wizards do: i.e. asking you here and there for information you wish you had written down when you had the chance. For curiosity's sake I tried running through the Drupal wizard, and had a bit of a problem when I was told that Port Such&such was already occupied. In retrospect, though, I think this was probably due to the fact that I had just installed MySQL onto my machine (for no good reason at all), and that this had probably jiggered things up. But it does of course show up the Achilles heel, if you like, of such stack-induced installation. Different server technologies and different hosts have subtly different configurations. Should even the slightest parameter be awry, or such a module be missing, then the whole darn thing just stalls. One's tinkerability is lost. But then again you've lost nothing even if your stack fails you. And there's a well-populated forum at Bitnami where techies like administrator Antonio will you help you with your questions. If everything runs smoothly, then the installation is done and dusted in five minutes, and you're straight down to business. Surely that's worth a 5 minute download, right? We spoke with Bitnami at length about their products and their business model some time ago. If you are interested in Bitnami's stacks, go here and grab one for yourself.