Bluenog Releases ICE 4.5 to Enterprise 2.0 Communityg

We imagine the creation of Bluenog’s (news, site) flagship solution went down a little like this: Someone was tired of switching between their portal, content management system and business intelligence tools, so they threw all three into a melting pot, stirred it up, and *BAM!* out popped Bluenog ICE.

OK, so maybe that’s not how it went. Whatever the case, the recipe is still a stellar one, and the recognition the company’s received certainly proves it. Today at Boston's Enterprise 2.0 conference Bluenog announced that ICE is back for another round, this time as version 4.5. The new software includes an Enterprise Wiki, secure group calendaring features and enhanced centralized administration.

Integrated Collaborative Environment

It's just good sense to practice healthy skepticism anytime someone proclaims they're the first to do something, so who knows if Bluenog ICE is truly "the first of its kind." After all, once upon a time Vignette, who predicted the need for such a combination, also had an integrated suite, remember? What we do know is that Bluenog ICE combines the following key elements: 

  • Enterprise CMS: Create, manage and publish content for web, print and other applications.
  • Portal: A rich internet application development environment that is interactive and customizable, the portal provides access to content, reporting and enterprise applications.
  • Business Intelligence: A tool to aid in the design and distribution of secure reports based on enterprise data

The modules are all available as standalone products as well, but let's face it, that's probably not what gets Bluenog the fans. As Micheline Jedrey, vice president for information services and Wellesley College librarian says,  “Bluenog was the best choice for Wellesley, given our need for a user-friendly Web CMS that could readily integrate data from our enterprise systems."

Get Wiki with It

Bluenog ICE’s new pre-integrated features are not only pretty cool, they’re also designed to eliminate the need for developers to manually code security permissions and access to legacy systems across their applications.

And so, without further ado:

  • Integrated Wikis: Bluenog ICE 4.5 is based on the JSPWiki open source project. With enterprise wikis included in Bluenog’s list of integrated tools, ICE 4.5 users can now create and share content through an intuitive portal interface. All wiki pages can be readily searched, with access permissions reportedly defined at the wiki and page level.
  • Enterprise group calendaring application: Based in Bedework, Bluenog has extended the open source calendar system with secure, restricted access to calendars based on user, group and role.
  • ICE Central: This Central Administrative Console includes an improved interface for handling user groups and permissions across ICE's CMS and Portal components. Its propagation tool enables bulk import/export of ICE CMS Content Types and Content Data assets.

"Bluenog ICE 4.5 is the logical next step in our vision to bring the economics and development model of open source to the enterprise," said Suresh Kuppusamy, Chief Executive Officer, Bluenog. "Now, for less than the cost of a full-time developer, organizations can develop content-driven web applications." 


Alas, Bluenog ICE 4.5 won’t be available to the general public for annual subscription until June 30, of this year. Until then, feel free to research the company’s claim that their new comprehensive solution will cost “significantly less than licensing and integrating separate CMS, collaboration, portal, and BI products.”

Though pricing charts aren’t offered on Bluenog’s website, they encourage you to contact them for more information here