ICG Releases New Updates to Brava Family

Last November, Informative Graphics Corporation (news, site) released version 6.1 of its Brava software suite for multi-format document and image viewing, annotation and secure content delivery.

Since then, many enhancements have been in the works and have come together in their latest release. The recently updated Brava Family features new redaction functionalities, improved capabilities for integrators and resellers, as well as fidelity and performance updates.

The Brava suite includes updates in the following product versions:

  1. Brava Enterprise, a thin-client, server-based viewer for seamless integration with Enterprise CMSs, project collaboration solutions and intranet/extranet portals
  2. Brava Desktop, a standalone or network application
  3. free Brava Reader
  4. free DWG Viewer, used to open AutoCAD files.

The updates will continue to promote the secure sharing of documents, as well as the viewing, annotation and redaction for images, documents and CAD drawings. Key features of the release include:

  • Improved support for Asian, Arabic, Cyrillic and all other Unicode character sets
  • User interface language is based on user’s regional settings
  • Markup text can be entered both right to left and left to right  
  • Upgraded redaction tools to enable users to redact an entire page or range of pages

In addition, IGC aims to improve flexibility for users around the world by enabling them to "select their language of choice, easily and on the fly."