Informative Graphics Releases Redact-It Enterprise
Informative Graphics Corporation, a company that develops viewing, annotation and redaction technology, has announced the latest version of its Brava software suite for multi-format viewing, annotation and secure content delivery. We had an opportunity to talk with IGC CEO, Gary Heath about Brava and their work within the records management industry.

View, Annotate, Redact

Brava 6.1 takes a customer-centric approach in delivering a simple, unified viewing and annotation interface for all formats, making review processes and workflows easier. Its new features include the ability to intelligently redact privacy information, to verify or review redactions before finalizing them for final distribution and to perform ‘peek through’ redaction -- where a large area (e.g. a page) is redacted with only a small area remaining un-redacted. Redacted files can be output to TIFF, PDF or Brava's own secure Content Sealed Format (CSF) with Visual Rights.Brava is one of Informative Graphic's three products. The other two, Redact It and Net It work to redact and publish content, respectively. Brava offers reader, desktop and enterprise solutions that allow investment communities and other regulated industries to share information securely. Through a secure framework, e-content can be delivered across networks in such a way that it can't be relisted or cached. Documents, including PDFs, JPG images and CAD drawings won't litter servers and can be viewed a page at a time, rather than all at once. Through Visual Rights, which allow users to add additional file security like password protection, an expiration date, and print, copy, markup and other feature restrictions, Brave helps organizations achieve regulation compliance and reduce liability by making it easier to protect privacy information and confidential content.

Brava and Beyond

With more than 4,000 customers and over 3 million seats installed, most of Brava's users include highly regulated industries like mortgage, manufacturing and oil & gas. While Visual Rights is already in use through earlier versions of Brava, Heath said how most customers use the interface varies by industry, with some using it for procurement needs, while others use CSF to focus on due diligence. While eDiscovery solutions work to make the search and discovery process efficient and effective, retention and records management play a big role as well in enterprise content management, said Heath. He said that eventually, the processes will merge to minimize and manage risk to companies. Until then, however, IGC is focused on following customer trends and insights to provide products that offer innovative and market-driven solutions. While Heath would not disclose any specific future plans, he says that ICG will be exploring innovative solutions that focus on content security, layered technologies and semantic search. Available for the desktop or as an enterprise-wide, browser-based deployment, Brava works to control access to sensitive documents, disallowing hard copies or text to be copied electronically.Brava Enterprise, the web-based, enterprise class product, integrates seamlessly into popular enterprise content management (ECM) solutions like EMC Documentum, IBM, Interwoven and Open Text, helping organizations communicate better and streamline workflow processes while reducing associated costs. Learn more at