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  • Informative Graphics Introduces Privacy Apps for SharePoint 2010

    Thanks to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), HIPAA, SOX and other regulatory controls, protecting access to sensitive personal information or national security information continues to be of significant importance to all companies, especially those within highly regulated industries. Extending SharePoint Today, Informative Graphic Corporation  has released two products designed

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  • Document Redaction Comes to SharePoint 2010

    Arizona-based Informative Graphics Corporation (IGC) is to launch new document redacting, collaboration and viewing capabilities this week with the release of Brava Enterprise 7 and Redact-It Enterprise 7, providing deeper integration with SharePoint 2010. The new capability of both products are designed to exploit the growing SharePoint 2010 markets

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  • Redact Documents and Protect Privileged Information

    Scrubbing (redacting) a sensitive document for electronic publication may seem like a simple process. Yet, as many high profile corporations and government agencies have shown, it's not as simple as it first appears.

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  • Redact-It Gains Support for OCR and Microsoft Office

    Next week, Informative Graphics Corporation will unveil a significant product update for their Redact-It Desktop software. Version 1.1 will include key optical character recognition (OCR) software that will remove sensitive information from scanned documents.

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  • Informative Graphics Brava 6.1: Intelligent Redaction

    Informative Graphics Corporation, a company that develops viewing, annotation and redaction technology, has announced the latest version of its Brava software suite for multi-format viewing, annotation and secure content delivery. We had an opportunity to talk with IGC CEO, Gary Heath about Brava and their work within the records management

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