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Arizona-based Informative Graphics Corporation (IGC) is to launch new document redacting, collaboration and viewing capabilities this week with the release of Brava Enterprise 7 and Redact-It Enterprise 7, providing deeper integration with SharePoint 2010.

The new capability of both products are designed to exploit the growing SharePoint 2010 markets and join the list of document management companies that have adapted their products after the release of SharePoint 2010 last May.

Brava Enterprise 7

With Brava Enterprise 7, users will be offered a dramatically improved view of documents inside and from within SharePoint 2010, while Redact-It 7 offers automated redaction of documents in SharePoint libraries.

Both Brava and Redact-It are IGC (news, site) tools that have been around for quite some time. Brava is a tool that enables users to interact with documents anywhere and anytime. IGC has been extending its functionality over the years.

Last spring, it announced that it was looking at SharePoint 2010 and hoped to enable IGC users to interact with documents in SharePoint repositories.

By that stage, Brava already had wide functionality including:

  • Format compatibility: Compatible with the majority of file formats, reducing the need for desktop software
  • Unified Viewer: Same interface for all file types
  • Page Thumbnails: Thumbnails of documents for easy navigation
  • Term-Hit Highlighting: All instances of a search string are highlighted for quick identification. Documents & CAD:  Offering specialized tools for CAD, based on file type.
  • Document integrity: Leaves Original Files Untouched with annotations saved separately
  • Trackable annotations: Each annotation entity is marked with the creator's username

With Brava for SharePoint, users can also carry out these functions in SharePoint through a web browser as well as enable the add key, document-centric workflow, providing actions like adding stamps, creating threaded discussions and other mark-ups. Key features include:

  • View most file formats within SharePoint
  • Brava search using zero-client viewer with results displayed as thumbnails
  • Highlight search terms in documents
  • Embed document viewer into SharePoint with standard web parts

ICG_Doc View-SharePoint 2010.jpg

ICG Document Viewer in SharePoint

Redact-It Enterprise 7

The upgrades to Redact-It also make working in SharePoint easier, giving users automated redaction in SharePoint libraries.

Redact-It removes privacy information and sensitive content from documents, images and even emails, using features like reusable scripts, extensive logging and enhanced verification.

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How Redact-It works

With documents in SharePoint, Redact-it takes any information that has been selected for deletion on documents stored in repositories, deletes the selected information and recreates the edited document in TIFF or PDF versions, which can then be saved back into SharePoint.

Integrated with existing systems, it can redact and convert files as part of the normal business processes by converting the files into text files and identifying reoccurring string phrases or through zone-based redaction.

The new SharePoint functionalities include:

  • Placing redaction abilities into SharePoint workflows
  • Search either individual documents or entire libraries for sensitive information
  • Create SharePoint document clones
  • Apply intelligent pattern matching to remove restricted data.

The new versions of both Brava and Redact-It will be available later this week with the updates planned for early November.