Informative Graphics Introduces Privacy Apps for SharePoint 2010

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Thanks to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), HIPAA, SOX and other regulatory controls, protecting access to sensitive personal information or national security information continues to be of significant importance to all companies, especially those within highly regulated industries.

Extending SharePoint

Today, Informative Graphic Corporation has released two products designed to help companies to better control access to sensitive information using SharePoint. Redact-It Enterprise and Net-It Enterprise for Microsoft SharePoint 2010 further extend IGC’s offerings aimed at helping users get the most out of their SharePoint investment.

Redact-It Enterprise (RIE) for SharePoint 2010

This new application removes sensitive content from electronic documents for safe, efficient distribution to courts, the media, customers, vendors or any other audience not authorized to see the complete content. Built to leverage the Microsoft SharePoint 2010 platform, RIE can be integrated into an automated workflow process or can redact content across SharePoint libraries.


Redact-It removes sensitive content based on predefined criteria 

Using IGC’s redaction technology, both applications can search for text or patterns such as Social Security numbers or phone numbers, or it can apply a template to redact specific areas or zones on forms. New files can be rendered redacted, while the original document is left untouched.

Net-It Enterprise (NIE) for SharePoint 2010

This application converts documents to PDF, TIFF or CSF for archiving or sharing read-only versions. NIE can publish selected pages of a document or add banners and watermarks to a document for tracking purposes. By building Net-It into SharePoint workflows, users can have it monitor a SharePoint library for new documents to publish, or configure it so it will publish based on SharePoint metadata.

Learning Opportunities


Net-It Enterprise converts documents to PDF, TIFF or CSF from SharePoint

With Net-It, the process for conversion and publishing is automated, and can be used out-of-the-box in SharePoint or integrated into other SharePoint-based solutions.

Protect Your Documents, Manage Your Privacy Policies

We all know the risks associated with releasing sensitive documents. Unintentional or not, everything from identity theft, non-compliance, loss of intellectual property and more can result. Such disastrous outcomes make its all the more important for companies to adhere to and manage redaction policies and regulatory standards.

For those looking for some regulatory compliance assistance, a way to ensure company documents are in alignment with privacy policies, and a platform that can publish accurate reproductions for records management, both RIE and NIE will be essential tools. For SharePoint users, these tools are more valuable because of their ability to leverage the technology strategically, accurately and securely.