Bridgeway Software Launches Legal Hold 3.0

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Six months ago Bridgeway Software released an update to their legal hold solution. Inspired by their conversations with customers, new features were added.

Step 1: Listen to Your Customers

The new 3.0 release highlights the importance of listening to your customers. New features of Bridgeway’s latest version also shine a light on the changing face of legal hold, search and discovery within the enterprise. We recently spoke with Rich Hall, vice president of eDiscovery solutions at Bridgeway Software.

During their communications with current and prospective customers, made up primarily of corporate legal departments and outside consultants, Bridgeway learned that they had a breaking point. Customers needed a legal hold solution that met their expanding needs yet needed it to fall within a certain price range. In order to stay with what Bridgeway offered, some new features and changes would be needed.

Step 2: Give Them What They Need

The main feature of 3.0 includes what’s called a customizable custodian response analysis. Because companies have much more data to manage and sort through than ever before, it’s harder to dig through it to find the information that’s needed. In order to leverage and mine data appropriate, you need to know the right questions to ask.

Through its research, Bridgeway discovered that there are about 10 or so questions that are generally sufficient to wade through initial amounts of information. Yet, most companies don’t ask them in an efficient manner, waiting until much later in the process to ask relevant follow up questions. Waiting too long for necessary answers can be costly and inefficient to the legal hold process.

Legal hold administrators can use a customizable questionnaire module, which can create a customized set of questions and responses per matter and per recipient response type. Much like an answer tree, recipients can answer yes or no, or select a third option indicating they are unsure, which allows administrators to understand where to look for more information, if needed.

Learning Opportunities

Additionally, Bridgeway Legal Hold 3.0 provides advanced response analysis capabilities, which allow responses to be filtered based on the answers set. Now, you can figure out what’s relevant or not, so as to determine if immediate action should be taken or help strategize the next set of recipients with whom to follow up.

Step 3: Repeat Step 1

Bridgeway’s 3.0 release should help companies streamline their workflow and make the legal hold process more efficient and reliable. Hall says that with more companies bringing eDiscovery solutions in-house, the business side is prevailing, making it more necessary than ever to justify the expenses associated with the solutions they employ.

Bridgeway seems to be in tune with the needs of the customers, and as a result are committed to developing a product that isn’t too big nor too limited. When it comes to information management, Mr. Hall says that it depends on the maturity of the company to see how well they are able to stay ahead of their data. Those that have enough of a process in place are better equipped to handle the increased amounts of information their company produces. Those who don’t are obviously more vulnerable to legal and security risks.

When it comes to asking the right questions, Hall is quick to report that companies, for the most part, know what to ask, it’s just the order in which they ask them that needs help.Bridgeway hopes that this new release will help them avoid costly and inefficient meetings asking follow up questions that could have been asked earlier on in the process.