Cabinet NG Offers A New Integration Tool

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Cabinet NG Provides API for integration
If you are using Cabinet NG's CNG-SAFE document management system and have been looking for a way to integrate it better with your business applications, look no further. Cabinet NG has just announced the availability of a .Net API called -- what else -- CNG-API, a .net development framework.By providing an API, resellers, OEMs and developers can seamlessly integrate their business applications with their document management system creating what CNG refers to as " firm-wide interoperable paperless workflows".The API is built on the .Net platform and builds on CNG's Retriever and Synchronizer integration technologies. Synchronizer enables organizations to add folders to an existing cabinet as they are added to a target database.Retriever, on the other hand is CNG's current integration solution for connecting CNG-SAFE with almost any other Windows-based business application. So how is this API different from using say Retriever or Synchronizer? Well for starters, it is an API and not an application that needs to be installed on the server. The rest of the details? Well we'll have to leave those to the resellers, OEMs and clients to discover.The important thing to note is that CNG seems dedicated to providing integration interfaces into their document management system realizing the need for business applications to work together to provide organizations with the full view they need.The only thing we might suggest is a name change. CNG API is a Microsoft cryptography term that has nothing to do with Cabinet's API. The CNG-API is free to authorized resellers and clients and can be downloaded from the support website.