Canonical Bundles Alfresco Enterprise CMS and Ubuntu Linux

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Alfresco and Ubuntu Are Bundled
In a software package it is. Alfresco announced that Canonical, the commercial sponsor of the Linux-based operating system Ubuntu, will offer Alfresco Labs 3 as part of its partner repository. Ubuntu is an open source OS containing several applications -- a web browser, presentation, document and spreadsheet software, instant messaging, etc. And now - ECM functionality, too.Since its launch in October 2004, Ubuntu has become one of the most highly-regarded Linux distributions with millions of users around the world. Using Ubuntu’s Package Manager functionality, users can select, download and execute a full Alfresco installation, with all drivers and relevant dependencies included.Both parties should benefit from this “marriage.” The move provides Alfresco with access to a rapidly growing Ubuntu user base. Looks like this decision stemmed from Alfresco’s study conducted in 2007 revealing Ubuntu’s boastful 24% market share, followed closely by Red Hat with 21%.Accounting for nearly a quarter of all Linux OS rollouts as of January 2008, Ubuntu was also the fastest growing Linux distribution over the second half of 2007. “We're excited to work with Alfresco on delivering an enterprise-class content management system for Ubuntu users,” said Malcolm Yates, Global ISV manager at Canonical. Ubuntu’s management tool, based on Debian’s APT system, is said to be able to install a full-server product in just a few clicks using the built-in Synaptic Package. Another additional benefit to this is the ability to integrate with other software packages within Canonical’s partner repository. A pre-packaged solution for Alfresco Enterprise Edition will be provided via Canonical’s partner repository later in the year. Alfresco and Canonical are demonstrating this solution at LinuxWorld in San Francisco, CA, August 4-7, stand # 716. Check it out and let us know what you think!