From the makers of the RightFax Connector for SharePoint -- among other products -- Captaris offers up a new version of Alchemy, their digital document filing system. The biggest enhancement to the product? The Alchemy File Connector -- able to map a Windows drive directly to the Alchemy repository. Managing your documents just got a little bit easier. Captaris provides a number of products all focused on document-centric processes. Alchemy is a document management solution that acts as a central repository -- or electronic filing cabinet -- for an organization. This latest version of Alchemy, version 8.3, introduces the Alchemy File Connector. If you are a Windows user, this connector enables you to map a Windows drive to the Alchemy document management system and store, retrieve and manage documents and images just as you would if you were working within your own desktop. The added benefit of the File Connector is that it provides a secure environment that is audited so only those users who are allowed to see the documents do. It also offers full text searching to find the documents you need. You can use the Alchemy File Connector from the Windows desktop, MS Office, SharePoint and just about any other application that can access file drives. Key features of the File Connector include: * Add documents to Alchemy * Search for and retrieve documents * Check-in and check-out documents from Alchemy (library services) * View versions and history * View and modify document metadata All this from within the comfort of the application you know and love best. "Alchemy File Connector makes it even easier to manage documents directly from Windows-based applications for the control that accelerates business processes and enhances profitability," Paul Yantus, executive vice president of Marketing and Product Development for Captaris noted. Captaris has been in the news quite a bit this year. Not only for introducing new products like the RightFax Connector for SharePoint, but also for acquiring a new company and being acquired by Open Text.