Captovation, a provider of document and distributed capture software for electronic content management systems has announced major enhancements to the next version of the eCapture ecImport Server. The new version supports importing, indexing, and archiving of electronic documents and emails. With eCapture converted documents may be archived into virtually any electronic content management system (ECMS). PDF's, HTML files, Microsoft Word documents as well as Microsoft Excel spreadsheets are all considered electronic documents. Compliance laws such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act have recently forced public companies to institute broader electronic archival and indexing technologies. ecImport Server contains a virtual print driver that facilitates the conversion process. Jobs are configured within ecImport Server to import the electronic files (e.g., Microsoft Word document, Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, etc.). First, ecImport Server will do a check on the file being imported. If it is a non-image file, the virtual print driver will print the electronic file using the native application. The native application is chosen by the electronic file's extension association. For example, if the file is a Microsoft Word document, the virtual print driver will launch Microsoft Word and instruct the program to print. Second, the virtual print driver intercepts the print output and converts it to an image. The virtual printing process ensures that rendered images properly represent the original file. This means that the image created will be nearly identical to the paper document that the native application produces when printing. ecImport Server offers importing support for black and white, grayscale and color images. ecImport Server also includes an email provider to allow for email importing. The email provider can be configured to only import email attachments or both the email content and the attachments. If an email attachment is not already an image, ecImport Server will convert the attachment into image format through the virtual printing process described above. ecImport Server can import emails that were created with plain text as well as HTML. Once the image is imported into eCapture, the user can index the image using ecIndex - eCapture's production-level indexing component. After indexing is complete, the images are committed (archived) into the company's ECMS. Currently, Captovation provides direct integrations for such systems as Hyland OnBase, Legato ApplicationXtender, Stellent Image Management, TOWER Software's TRIM Context, Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server, DocuWare, and IBM Content Manager. ecImport Server can also import images from fax servers or network appliances, microfiche conversions, and images captured using third-party software. General availability for this newest version of ecImport Server is expected for Q3 of 2004. Learn more at