Caringo Alfresco Integration Storage Solution
Caringo Inc., a vendor of content storage software, has recently announced the release of an interface that will allow Alfresco, a provider of open source content management software, and CAStor, Caringo's flagship storage product, to operate seamlessly. This interface replaces the existing file-system based storage of Alfresco and utilizes CAStor instead. Users now will be able to distribute data to CAStor without putting in additional effort.

A Unique, Beneficial Combination

XeniT developed the Alfresco CAStor Interface, and it works in a relatively simple manner. CAStor allows users to store data while Alfresco allows users to manage it. Combine the two together, and we have a seamless ECM storage solution.
Alfresco Castor Interface Integration Storage Solution

Caringo and Alfresco Working Together

In its initial implementation, the Alfresco CAStor Interface will support the usage of CAStor as an Alfresco content archive and repository. It is the perfect example of open source software at work. So, now we know CAStor and Alfresco play nice together. People reading this probably know all about Alfresco, but if you don't, view some of CMSWire's previous coverage.

Caringo's CAStor Storage Solution

CAStor is a high-performance and massively scalable software clustered storage solution that operates on standard server components. The company claims that users can start with 1 terabyte and scale seamlessly into the petabyte range as needed. The product also includes built-in archival features that ensure compliance and integrity. Here is a brief rundown of the key features of Caringo's CAStor storage service and what it brings to Alfresco: * Massive scalability * Hardware independence * High performance * Data integrity * Self configuring * Self healing * Self managing * Easy web-based interface “Today, organizations recognize that their business critical information and intellectual property are part of the explosion of digital content,” said Mark Goros, CEO at Caringo. “The open source interface between CAStor and Alfresco delivers the most cost-effective solution for managing and archiving file content across the enterprise. It demonstrates the value of the CaringoConnect Developer Program that empowers developers and systems integrators to quickly create solutions that satisfy customer requirements.” This all sounds great in theory, but we have yet to try it out. However, being able to utilize a familiar interface and enterprise content management solution in Alfresco with a new storage solution seems quite convenient. Regardless of how much business Caringo currently has, it will likely improve very soon. For more information, check out Caringo's or Alfresco's official web sites.