From Rethink Research A survey of European CIOs, published this week on the subject of Enterprise Content Management (ECM), reveals the rationale behind the Open Text - Ixos merger, showing Documentum as the European market leader with Open Text nowhere in sight. Other strong players, only just behind Documentum in Europe include Vignette and Interwoven, with the Open Text's acquisition target Ixos in fourth place with less than half the other three's level of penetration. The study from Rethink Research however shows that these companies have barely scratched the surface in Europe, with 66% of companies not yet having ECM, and of those about 60% of them plan to buy a system for the first time within the next 24 months, more than doubling the European market in the process. ... Satisfaction with the ECM vendors is higher than we have witnessed in other Rethink CIO surveys in other software sectors, with 25% of customers saying they “would definitely,” buy from the same supplier again and a further 55% saying they “would probably” do so. Filenet tops the scores for customer satisfaction with 50% of its customers saying that they would go straight back to Filenet for more software if they needed any. Interwoven customers are the ones that are actively planning most extra licenses with 50% of Interwoven sites planning further purchases of its software and one third doing so at Documentum sites. ... The big three drivers for purchase are to clarify workflow and business processes, to better manage digital assets and to achieve conformance with new regulations. But the report issues a warning saying that 80% of companies feel there are barriers to implementing ECM within their organizations, with departments unwilling to share information, and there being little hard evidence on how much measurable return an investment in ECM will bring. Read.