When companies began to bring e-Discovery in house, the relationship between IT and general counsel intensified. Because both teams require a significant amount of time and functionality to effectively filter, review and analyze a lot of data, working together isn’t always smooth sailing. Today, Clearwell makes an attempt to unite the two departments all while improving the e-Discovery process.

Identification and Collection Module

Clearwell’s Identification and Collection Module lets those on either side of the EDRM model identify and collect the information they need to in a way that streamlines the entire e-Discovery process.

Oftentimes, IT is forced to do more with less. They receive multiple requests without having the proper resources to carry it out. Additionally, legal and IT departments may use incongruent software or products. Finding a way to share and analyze data across multiple platforms usually only serves to waste time and money, while increasing risk.

More Data Sources, Real Time Updates

Thanks to Clearwell Identification and Collection, IT managers can now target collections from more than 50 critical data sources, including those on the cloud; legal teams can log in directly to analyze, review and collect data; and best yet, because IT and legal can collaborate effectively, they can both access real time updates and status of the entire case, from any point in the process.


The Clearwell Identification and Collection Modules serves as a single product for all collections.

Because both IT and legal have specialized functions, it can be difficult to understand each other’s needs. Clearwell allows each side the flexibility to do what they do without causing others to work around it. For instance, for collections, scripts are no longer required. IT can configure a system that allows data to come in and out, but legal has the ability to set the parameters and filter requests accordingly.


The new module provides flexibility and functionality for both IT and legal departments.

As well, Clearwell provides an interface that many users will find familiar. Likened to iTunes, users can easily navigate through data sources, and search for new information on a regularly scheduled basis.


With end-to-end reporting, Clearwell's new module provides real time updates and stats across the entire process.

Uniting Teams Across the EDRM

Ultimately, Identification and Collection makes setting up requests for information easy enough so they can be easily used and repeated time and again. No matter what side you're on, Clearwell aims to make each step as productive and efficient as it is easy to use. Separately, IT and legal counsel have a lot brain power. Together, they can harness their power to make the e-Discovery process both time and cost effective.

The Identification and Collection Module will be available at the end of September as an add-on.