Clearwell Solves Global eDiscovery Challenges
Today is the day for eDiscovery releases. As companies flock to Legal Tech in New York City this week, the conference that boasts itself the "largest and most important legal technology event of the year" for law office technology, you can bet that eDiscovery is a hot topic. Capitalizing on the attention and enthusiasm of a captive audience, many are revealing new releases and enhanced capabilities of their products, hopeful to have the lawyers leaping out of their seats!

Such is the case with Clearwell Systems. The same folks that offered us their insights for the Top Ten Trends for eDiscovery in 2009 are boasting new functionalities that prove to "solve the global eDiscovery challenge."

Cross-Border Litigation

The challenge of global eDiscovery has been that enterprises involved with cross-border litigation are subject to strict rules and regulations by both the U.S. Patriot Act and the EU Data Protection Directive. The EU directive works to regulate the "processing" of personal data and the "transport" or "export" of data outside of the EU.

Processing covers virtually any action that a U.S. litigator would take in the course of reviewing or producing e-mails, electronic documents or even hard copy documents that have been scanned electronically. The directive's treatment of data “transport” is equally important for attorneys in the U.S. because it determines the availability of data for compliance with the discovery process.

Mobile Clearwell

In response to these guidelines, Clearwell has introduced Mobile Clearwell, a drop-in appliance form factor and updated web-based management with capabilities that enable efficient in-country "processing" of data and collaboration with overseas team members.

Instead of transferring data out of country and leaving it subject to regulation, Mobile Clearwell can be transported to the data where it resides. It eliminates the complexity of international e-discovery and reduces the cost and risk associated with processing and exporting electronic evidence across multiple countries.

CMSWire had the opportunity to speak with Kamal Shah, vice president of marketing and Kurt Leafstrand, director of product management about Mobile Clearwell.

By avoiding the international problems often created by cross-border litigation, Mobile Clearwell works to reduce costs as well as the risks associated search and discovery process. Because the guidelines oversee the process, companies who don't follow them are subject to strict fines and penalties.

While companies have a few options of how they can follow the rules, many of them are cumbersome, time-consuming and costly. Companies can choose to leverage the U.S Department of Commerce's Safe Harbor Privacy principles, but it is often impractical and doesn't cover all types of litigation. Companies can also opt to conduct manual in-country searches, using traditional methods of search and discovery, but this can be expensive, time-consuming and subject to quality control issues,especially when other languages are involved. Clearwell Systems is proud to offer companies a third option.

Mobile Clearwell - the Neflix of Search and Discovery

Referred to as the "Netflix" of search and discovery, both Shah and Leafstrand were eager to speak about Mobile Clearwell and all that it has to offer, including full, unicode compliance, a multilingual platform which can be automated for the review process and the ability for local, in-country attorneys to perform searches, as well as to perform audit trails while refining searches.

Perhaps the most innovative of the features are the language filters, which not only tag documents for keywords in multiple languages, but aims to understand the context in which they are written. Using statistically linguistical algorithms, the platform triages documents into view-specific buckets.

In addition, Mobile Clearwell can execute complex language searches, using stemming -- a dictionary of sorts that understands the depths and levels of languages.


Mobile Clearwell Search and Analysis

While clearly focused on Europe, because of the regulations set as well as the growing demands of their customers, Mobile Clearwell is ready to expand into Asia and has the capabilities to understand character language.

Clearwell Systems is committed to reducing cost, risks and complexities of eDiscovery while evolving their capabilities and functionalities to meet customer needs.