CMS Watch, SaaS web cms growing
According to our friends over at CMS Watch, SaaS Web-based CMS Vendors are on the rise in North America. They discussed their recent research coming out their release of The Web CMS Report 2008 at the AIIM Conference this week.According to a recent blog post by Ron Miller, several vendors at the conference were considering the SaaS route."One of the by-products of 'Web 2.0' is new attention to public-facing websites -- a scenario where hosted Web CMS services tend to excel -- as opposed to the more enterprisey Intranet implementations where SaaS suppliers can't compete as successfully," said CMS Watch Research Analyst, Jarrod Gingras. We all are familiar with the two big SaaS vendors: CrownPeak and Clickability. But there are some new ones cropping up such as Marqui and OmniUpdate targeting specific types of customers.CMS Watch indicated that SaaS Web-based CMS solutions are not as prevalent in Europe. "National boundaries seem to matter more when providing hosted services as opposed to software products," argues CMS Watch Denmark-based Contributing Analyst, Janus Boye. "The regional and international expansion that we've seen among traditional installed CMS vendors in Europe hasn't been replicated in the SaaS space," added Boye.In light of this news, one does wonder if the traditional in-house installed products are at risk. Vendors like Clickability are definitely seeing huge increases in their market penetration. And with the new pricing options that both Clickability and CrownPeak are offering, it makes senses that a hosted solution would work for so many companies - both large and small.However, CMS Watch analyst Kas Thomas says that this new rise of SaaS hosted CMS services is not likely to affect the traditional products. So we won't be seeing less of SharePoint, IBM, Alfresco or other web content management solutions. Although what we may see more of, is these in-house solutions offering thier own hosted versions. Then we get the pick of the litter.