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It looks like there might be a battle brewing in the SaaS Web Content Management world. CrownPeak has decided to go full force in hosted web content management and is now offering a website and product suite on for small to medium-sized companies.Crownpeak has been around for awhile offering content management services, but this is their first foray into the delivery side of the content management equation. Does this solution put them on equal footing with competitor Clickability? is built on CrownPeak's CMS content management system engine. To ease development and speed deployment it comes with four complete web design templates. These templates can be modified by changing CSS stylesheets. In addition, three pre-configured workflows and user roles are also available.Full access to the developer environment provides the ability to modify, add or remove templates, workflows and roles. The API is published so developers should have no problems developing new templates and workflows in the system.
“What we see day in and day out from our customers are businesses of all sizes under pressure to get web sites launched quickly" said Jim Howard, CEO of CrownPeak. “They're looking for a fast, easy and, affordable way to accomplish their online goals. closes that gap by providing a comprehensive package that provides everything from web content management, web site hosting, email campaign management and online marketing performance measurement.”
Along with pure content management functionality, the solution offers the following capabilities which you can choose to use:* Email Campaign Management from ExactTarget* Site Analytics using WebTrends on demand analytics* CRMvia or Convio* CrownPeak Search* Web Hosting via Rackspace and IBMIf you aren't sure this is the solution for you, CrownPeak offers a full functional Free Trial. Once you've done that and decide it's the solution for you you need to select the exact format of the solution you want. To do this is a three step process:# Pick your product package# Pick your implementation package, fully managed or Do-It-Yourself # Pick your support packageThere are three versions you can purchase (these prices do not include all the extra capabilities unless otherwise stated):* Standard: USD $1,250.00/mo, Up to 5 users, Managing 1 site up to 1,000 pages * Corporate: USD $2,500.00/mo, Up to 20 users, Managing up to 2 Sites up to 10,000 pages &unlimited microsites of up to 25 pages each* Enterprise: USD $4,400.00/mo , Up to 50 users, Managing up to 3 sites up to a total of 50,000 pages. Also includes Web Site SearchSo how does this solution fair against Clickability's new platform offering? Clickability only recently came out with their own new platform and product versions. They offer similar web content management solutions, but Clickability's offering has a few more components and priced higher accordingly.To find out more about CrownPeak's or it's complete service offering, visit their website. If you decide to take the Trial, let us know how you make out.