CMIS Update - First Integration Modules Appearing

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Alfresco and Joomlatools Create Integration via CMIS

Alfresco may not have been in the original group of three Enterprise CMS vendors who developed the CMIS Specification, but they certainly are the most active when it comes to putting it to use. Today they announce a partnership with Joomlatools that demonstrates the first official integration module based on CMIS: Alfresco:Joomla!™ Integration Module.

Alfresco has definitely bought into the idea that CMIS is a must have for organizations with a diverse set of content management solutions today. They are a key player in defining the specification that went to OASIS and have gone out of their to show their support by doing the following:

Now they take that support one step further by offering the first available integration module.

Alfresco:Joomla Integration Module

This integration was done through a partnership with Joomla consulting company Joomlatools. We all know that Joomla! is an open source Web CMS that has just recently picked up a couple of Packt Publishing Open Source Awards.

The Integration Module enables organizations with a Joomla built website to access Alfresco's content management repository through the use of the CMIS REST API. This provides Joomla users with a repository that is secure, helps with compliance regulations and is easily auditable. Using Alfresco's content library, Joomla users can also manage, preview and track their content and digital assets effectively.

At the same time, Alfresco users will be able to edit, publish, search, share and download their content directly on Joomla websites.

The example below demonstrates a Joomla website pulling content from Alfresco Share.

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“Joomlatools is pleased to have co-developed with Alfresco a solution that allows Joomla users to benefit from the advanced content and document management features of Alfresco and also make it easy for Alfresco users to easily manage and publish their content on Joomla sites,” said Johan Janssens, co-founder of Joomlatools and Joomla.

You can download the Alfresco: Joomla Integration Module from Alfresco's website and give it try.

More Implementations of CMIS to Come?

It's good to see CMIS working between two open source CMS solutions. Both Alfresco and Joomla are very popular, well known CMSs. We wonder how long it will take for Alfresco to publish a working solution with a non-open source vendor -- like Open Text or EMC. We know they've built prototypes, now we want to see the real thing.

Of course it really doesn't do much good for proprietary vendors like Open Text, Microsoft or EMC to officially work with Alfresco. After all, Alfresco is a solution that is equal in many ways feature-wise, but much less expensive to implement and support. CMIS may open doors to Alfresco these ECMs may regret down the road.