PacktPub 2008 Awards
And the winner of the PacktPub 2008 Open Source CMS Award goes to... Today is the day, has announced the winner of the Overall Open Source CMS for 2008. A lot has happened since this contest started. The public had a vast amount of great nominees to sift through. And the finalists they chose made the judges' job that much more difficult.The Overall winners from last year included Drupal (first place), Joomla! and DotNetNuke. All three were finalists this year as well along with Plone and TYPOlight, making picking a winner exceedingly difficult for the PacktPub judges.

2008 Open Source Web CMS Week in Review

Best Non-PHP Open Source CMS winners: First place went to Plone, second place went to dotCMS and third place went to DotNetNuke.Best PHP-Based Open Source CMS winners: First place went to Drupal, second place was shared by Joomla! and CMS Made Simple.Most Promising Open Source CMS winners: First place went to SilverStripe, second place went to CMS Made Simple and third place was shared by ImpressCMS and MiaCMS.Open Source Web CMS MVP’s: Read here for a full list of names.

2008 Overall Open Source CMS Winners

First Place: Drupal

For the third year in a row, Drupal proves itself above all others as the best overall open source Web CMS. Thanks to an increasingly large user base, ease of installation, use and administration -- coupled with the ability to adapt to one's needs -- Drupal was chosen to be number one.

Second Place: Joomla!

Again, Joomla! runs a close second to Drupal. Just missing the mark for the third year in a row, but keep an eye on Joomla!. Another second place might just give them the boost they need to beat Drupal next year.

Third Place: DotNetNuke

DotNetNuke, also the third place winner in the Best Non-PHP Open Source CMS category, secured another third place standing proving itself for the second year in the row that you don’t need to be PHP to compete as an open source Web CMS.We at CMSWire want to thank PacktPub and their judges, as well as the public, for their votes.Look towards next year and get involved, you could help determine the next Overall Best winner.