After much wait and debate the judges from’s 2008 CMS Awards have announced the winner of the 2008 Best PHP Based Open Source CMS award. This year’s competition came looking to win. They set a standard difficult to match (and judge). And with the changing trends in the way the internet is being used, like the flood of social media and applications, the finalists had to prove they are ready for the future.This award focused on open source CMS that were strictly PHP based. This being the largest group of CMS options available in open source, the competition was staggering. Names like Xoops, CMS Made Simple, and eZ Publish made up the finalists in this race, but only one could come out on top. $2,000 goes to first place and $500 goes to second.

2008 Best PHP Based Open Source Winners

First Place: Drupal

The first place award this year goes to Drupal. Drupal has a dedicated community across the globe working ever diligently to better their core framework. Boasting easy installation and manipulation, Drupal proves a powerhouse in the PHP world. The judges did not fail to notice Drupal’s strong social application abilities or the ability to integrate them into content management either. According to Drupal founder Dries Buytaert, "these awards are a testament to […] Working together, the Drupal community is building the future of the dynamic web so that anyone can quickly build great social publishing websites." Drupal has not only won first place, but is one of most used open source CMS’s in the world. Due to its ability to adapt to your needs, many industries have begun making the use of Drupal a standard in and of itself.

Second Place: Joomla and CMS Made Simple

This year’s competition was so tight, there was a tie for second place. The judges at simply could not decide which PHP based open source CMS was better between the two. Both Joomla and CMS Made Simple are easy to install and use, proving that these features simply aren’t enough. When it came to standards set by the two and the features offered, neither one could unseat the other.

Overall 2008 Open Source CMS Award Still to Come

Once again, congratulations to the winners. You can find the other winners from the 2008 CMS Awards below: PacktPub 2008 Awards - Open Source Web CMS MVPs PacktPub 2008 Awards - Best Other Open Source Web CMS Thank you all who support and continue to support open source. As these competitions show, open source is quickly becoming a way of life for many operating businesses on the web. Their ease of use, overwhelming support, and price (the fact that their free) make them a very appealing option more and more, particularly with the current state of the world economy. Only two more categories to be announced…check back to see who wins.