Forrester report on Open Source Content Management
Mention web content management and open source in a single question today and you commonly get two words back: Drupal and Alfresco. These are the two most well-known open source content management solutions in the market today. It seems that Forrester has not been too busy dishing up Enterprise 2.0 predictions to recognize this.Research analyst Forrester has just released a report entitled, "Web Content Management And Open Source -- Answers to Frequently Asked Questions". The report discussed the interest being placed on open source solutions by information management professionals as they move into the next generation of WCM -- i.e. Enterprise 2.0 -- to help control costs and leverage communities of expertise on products. It answers five questions, one of which is who are the vendors that offer relevant open source WCM solutions. Out of a huge number of potential vendors, Forrester recognizes Alfresco and Drupal as the two which "CIOs and CTOs need to pay particular attention". In the report, Forrester says that an organization needs to look for several things when selecting an open source WCM: a satisfactory product offering, enterprise-level implementations and a strong community of support. According to Forrester, both Drupal and Alfresco fit the bill for the following reasons: * "Both have taken pages from the commercial vendors' playbooks [i.e., enterprise-class support, stability, etc.].... * Technologists praise the product architectures.... * Both have strong professional communities." Of course, as Matt Asay of Alfresco notes in his blog, the licensing costs don't hurt either. This isn't the first time that Forrester has recognized Alfresco as a viable option for the enterprise. They were the lone open source ECM mentioned in the "Forrester Wave for ECM Suites in 2007". It would have been a surprise to not see Alfresco mentioned as a leader in a report on open source content management. For their part, Acquia seems pleased with the recognition and point out that many of the principles found in the report applying to social publishing as a whole. Which is another way for Acquia to plug that Drupal is a true Enterprise 2.0 solution. While it may not be absolutely necessary to be on a Forrester or Gartner list to get recognized as a viable solution in an organization, it certainly doesn't hurt, as this Drupal blogger notes: "In the boardroom magic quadrants, hype cycles and two by two tables are the goal for any powerpoint wisdom, so if you want to be in the boardroom you have to play chess on the management chessboard; a 2 x 2 matrix." You can get a copy of the report for a mere US$ 279.00 on Forrester's site to read in detail about the market for Web Content Management and Open Source. To learn more about Acquia and Drupal, see this Wired interview. To learn more about Alfresco, see their website.