Webware 100 results, Drupal, WordPress
Webware has announced its top 100 list. Some of the results were shocking…some surprise winners, some surprise non-winners and some that we all knew would make the list -- can you say WordPress? Webware.com is a site devoted to news, reviews and promotion of web applications across the world. Every year they do a top 100 list of web apps in which the public votes. These 100 are broken into a variety of categories. The categories include audio, browsing, commerce, communication, productivity, publishing, search, social, utility and video. With such a small list of categories and the explosion of web based applications over the last couple of years, you can imagine how stiff the competition can get for an award like this. The Webware Top 100 has become a sought after title and prestige across the web.

Open Source CMS's Make the List

With the competition so high for this award, it came as a big surprise to see that the only two self-hosted open source CMS applications to make the list were WordPress and Drupal. Drupal, is an open source CMS that has become widely used by the music industry. It is similar in operation to others such as Joomla and Mambo. It is designed for more in depth and larger sites with potentially large amounts of users accessing and updating it. WordPress is of course the premier open source blogging CMS. It is by far the most used blogging platform out there with more plugins developed daily than any other CMS out there. Over 1.9 million votes were cast for the 300 finalists this year. These finalists were selected (by Webware editors) from a pool of over 5000 qualifying nominees. But the 100 winners were selected by popular vote. These winning 100 products represent the best of the Web, according the people who use it. Based on these numbers, we here at CMSWire are proud to congratulate both these two on overcoming massive competition in one of the most highly competitive web app fields out there. When competing against other well established platforms such as Joomla, phpNuke, Pligg and Moveable Type, it is a high honor to be the only two to make the list.

Congratulations to All Webware Top 100 Winners

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