WordPress and MovableType do Battle at Webware 100 Poll

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Webware, C|Net's Web 2.0 blog-monkey, has launched the second annual Webware 100 poll. There are awards and there are awards, but popular voting awards under the C|Net banner are worth noticing. With half a million votes from Web users last time around, we will watch developments here with interest. There is a wide range of categories to vote in including Audio, Browsing, Productivity and Video; but the battles we are primarily interested in will be conducted in the "Publishing and Photography" category. We will ignore photography for the moment and hone in on Publishing where some familiar names are going tete-a-tete.

Battle of the Bloggers WordPress vs Movable Type

Ding Ding! The old rivals join battle once more in this category.In the Blue corner we have WordPress with its enormous community, vast array of modules and themes and outstanding user simplicity.In the, er, Spanner corner we have MovableType: newly open sourced, with a better security record, impressive enterprise version and wider functionality. The blogs which matter tend to choose either one or the other, as borne out by our survey of the platforms used by the top 100 Technorati blogs. Apart from blogging mavericks like Tim Berners-Lee, that is, who incidentally uses Drupal for blogging. Still, what does that guy know about the internet...Last year WordPress took home a Webware award - while MT got nothing, drowned her sorrows with cheap champagne, and got snapped by the Paparrazi going home with one of the waiters.Prediction: WordPress wins again.

Blogger vs TypePad vs Vox

Which will be the hosted blogging platform to rule them all? All three were named as winners last year. How boring -- let's hope that doesn't happen again. Life is stern and life is earnest, and these young pups are going to have to learn that sooner or later.Prediction: Blogger deserves it. But then LiveJournal kinda does too.

Jaiku vs Twitter

The microblogging wars continue in earnest. But then again, not really.Prediction: Despite Jaiku's backing coming from Google, Twitter is unstoppable.

Drupal vs ????

Drupal is the only full-functioned Web CMS on the list. Surely Joomla! should be here as well, at a minimum. Drupal vs. Joomla! would have been a worthwhile fight. Better yet, add Alfresco. And a couple of proprietary players like Vignette and Hot Banana. Ah well, there's always next year. Prediction: Tough call, but we reckon that Drupal may well be the biggest vote-getter of all the full-function, fair-dinkum Web CMS products on the market.Voting runs until March 31, with winners announced on April 21, the day before the big Web 2.0 Expo opens. (The Expo is an official Webware 100 partner.) Go here to vote for the Webware 100 now.