FaceBook Blogging Mania with Six Apart's Nifty FB App

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San Francisco-based Six Apart -- makers of Movable Type, sellers of Live Journal -- have just unwrapped a lovely new piece of technology. Some call it blog fire-hosing, but we'll go with rather heavier metaphors and say their new Blog It FaceBook app is double barrel publishing fun. It's buckshot blogging. It's strafing the blogosphere. It's like going hunting with Cheney -- you know, pull the trigger once and you get two birds and all your friends, right in the face.Six Apart have announced Blog It, a tool which allows FaceBook users to post to multiple blogs or microblogs from within their network. Remember the post about Ning competing with MySpace and FaceBook.Well, Six Apart just pushed FaceBook up the charts a touch.

In the Land of Blog It

Prior to this, FB blogging apps only allowed you to cross-post to one other service.Blog It allows you to do this with about 10 different blog and microblog services including:# Blogger# Twitter# Movable Type# Vox# WordPressThis is huge for the twittering masses and marketers alike. According to the software's description:With Blog It, you can post and share your content across multiple platforms with only one click. Whether you blog using TypePad, Vox, Movable Type, LiveJournal, Blogger, Tumblr, WordPress.com or WordPress.org, or micro-blog using Twitter, Pownce or your Facebook status, now you can update everything via one easy-to-create post on Facebook. Plus, when you post using Blog It, you can ensure all your friends and contacts know about your post regardless of where they follow you on the web.”This is all part of the aggregation of functionality on public service platforms and the push towards web 2.0 apps.If you aren’t in on this sort of fun, or if you're not yet paddling away on the good ship FaceBook, this is just one more excuse for diving in. If you are already a FaceBook ace and blogging wonder, then skip on over and add Blog It to your account now.