XOOPS Releases New Version
XOOPS, a portal system going the way of the Web CMS, is receiving significant upgrades. XOOPS 2.3 is claimed by the developers to be "the best version ever of XOOPS." The purpose of 2.3 is to build a bridge to the next generation of XOOPS. While version 2.3 has not been released, it is steadily approaching fast as the second release candidate is available for download.The XOOPS development team is pleased with the way their Web CMS is turning out. They are making strides in development, and they are prepping the release of XOOPS 2.3.

XOOPS 2.3 Features

Some of the best features in XOOPS 2.3 is aimed at developers: * Improved XOOPS ORM: Developers no longer need to write their own classes or methods and developers can add their own handlers if they want more control. * Improved Text Sanitizer: Custom extension is now supported; filters or methods can be added as well. In addition, text input will be filtered for security. * Custom Frameworks Support: Developers can add their own libraries or frameworks. * XOOPS Editor Packages Supported: Textarea, Dhtmltextarea, Extended Dhtmltextarea, FCKeditor, TinyMCE and Koivi are now easily integrated into XOOPS. In addition, other third-party editors can be implemented. * CAPTCHA Built-in: Registration and comment forms are protected by default. CAPTCHA can also be easily added to modules. * Control Panel GUI: Custom interfaces can be added to the control panel. The old interface can still be utilized, but the new one will be enabled as well. * File and Folder Engine: CakePHP will power the newly created file and folder engine. * Cache Engine: CakePHP will also be powering the cache engine.

Other Notable Features

Some other interesting features to consider include the following: * Improved installer * Auto Login is enabled * CAPTCHA is enabled by default * Extended Profile module * Private Messages module * Extended DHTML enabled by default * EXM Admin GUI optional Beginning with XOOPS 2.3, modules will be both forwards and backwards compatible. Modules written for 2.0.x and 2.2.x will work with 2.3 while 2.3 modules remain compatible with XOOPS 3.0 when it is completed. Developers are now being encouraged to develop their modules on version 2.3. There are also quite a few other interesting features for developers, designers and users that are sure to be welcomed by the community, but the aforementioned really summarize what the development community was going for. Above all else, this release will act as a gateway to the future of XOOPS, and this is why XOOPS 2.3 is so important to the community.

XOOPS 2.3 Coming To A Server Near You

A member of the XOOPS development team had this to say on the XOOPS official site: "We believe that with that XOOPS 2.3 is 'feature ready' for the Final Release. We need only to get rid of all potential bugs, and we need your help in that." Users will be discovering some of the newest features that will be available in the 3.0 version of XOOPS, while developers and designers can prepare for the milestone as well. The second release candidate marks a time where the features are frozen; now it is time to squash the bugs. XOOPS is a finalist for the Best PHP Open Source CMS in the 2008 Open Source CMS Awards. If this is to be the best version of XOOPS to ever be released, it couldn't come at a better time.