PacktPub 2008 Open Source CMS - MVP Award
The winners are being announced for the 2008 Open Source CMS awards from This year promises great things from a variety of CMS systems and each has had its opportunity to wow the judges. As always, names like Drupal, WordPress and Joomla, among many others will surely be highlighted.But this year is doing something they have never done before. They started announcing the winners of the awards yesterday, beginning with a focus on the people behind the curtain so to speak. Every open source CMS has its crew of people behind the scenes that make it all happen. That’s not to say that the individuals singled out in the MVP announcement are the only ones keeping things moving with open source CMS, but they are a key, integral part of making open source CMS what it is today.

The 2008 MVPs of Open Source CMS

Announced in its inaugural debut yesterday at -- the 2008 Open Source CMS Most Valued People is a prestigious list of names. It is designed to recognize those in the open source CMS world whose contributions frequently go unnoticed or unrecognized. The award demonstrates how many different people are key to the success of a CMS and how difficult it is to select an individual as the person who has contributed the most. Nominated by the public and then finalized by a panel of judges, this list of names promises to become a standard among individual recognition in the CMS game. Names on the list include Matt Mullenweg for WordPress, Martin Aspelli for Plone, Johan Janssens for Joomla, Earl Miles for Drupal and Michael Boyink for ExpressionEngine. Now this is far from the full list…see the full list here. This is just a taste of the names circulating the web right now and MVP’s in CMS.

More to Come from the 2008 Open Source CMS Awards

Yesterday’s announcement of the MVPs and today’s announcement of the Best Other Open Source CMS are just the beginning. With three more days of winners to be announced, the CMS world is watching to see who will win the coveted Overall 2008 Open Source CMS Award. Will it be DotNetNuke, Joomla, Drupal…? Only time will tell. Stay tuned for up to date information from the 2008 Open Source CMS Awards.