The 2008 Open Source Content Management System Awards hold a prestige that many strive to reach. To receive one of these awards solidifies an open source WCM as a top contender on the web. With Drupal pushing out Joomla last year, will they keep their spot?…will WordPress be awarded again? The time has come... Once again is bringing you…the public…in on the awards. As a major industry authority, Packt Publishing has long been providing the public with information and resources on a variety of industry related topics. And with prizes totaling over $20,000…this is not an award to be taken lightly.

Get Out and Nominate

To quickly recap the categories: Categories and Prizes * Overall Winner – $5,000; $3,000; $2,000 * Most Promising – $2,000; $1,000; $1,000 * Best PHP - $2,000; $500; $500 * Best Other - $2,000; $500; $500 Nominations are now being taken…but only open source content management systems need apply. They will be open until August 25th. From there, the contest shifts to the finalists. On September 1st the finalists for each category will be announced. Final voting by the selected panel of judges will be open until October 20th. The winners will be announced over a period of a few days from October 27th to October 31st. Check out the full rules here. In This Corner… The competition this year is stiff. Drupal is moving fast to keep their spot of Overall Best from last year when they pushed Joomla out, and Joomla striving to keep their spot for the Best Open Source PHP category. Other contenders to watch for this year include WordPress -- the blog powerhouse, Pligg -- the social news style open source CMS, Xoops and Plone -- the sometimes enigmatic CMS that may just sneak up and take some awards home this year.

What Others are Saying

According to Peter Hogopian, “Drupal [is] certainly looking to repeat its victory for the content management system of the year from last year. The awards, now in their third year, are sponsored by Packt Publishing, and are designed to "encourage, support, recognize, and reward" popularity and quality in the many open source content management systems available.” “With the introduction of four new categories in 2007, the Award succeeded in expanding the opportunities for a wider range of Open Source Content Management Systems to benefit,” said Packt Publishing. This promises to be a great year for open source and these awards can help set the stage for the evolution of WCM. With the talk about the Semantic Web (or Web 3.0) floating around, open source seems to be a direction many are taking with not only their own sites, but clients’ sites as well. So get out there and vote...