Things just keep happening at SpringCM (news, site). Last week, adding weight to its already considerable SaaS stack, they announced that they were adding a further five industry-specific applications to the SpringCM platform.

And now, hot on the heels of that announcement, SpringCM has released a new solution that allows connectivity between their platform andMicrosoft Office SharePoint Server 2007.

Connector allows for Two Major MOSS Improvements

This new connector called the SpringCM Cloud Connector for SharePoint will allow for the seamless integration of the SpringCM platform and MOSS's portal and collaborative abilities.

There are two principal ways that this new connector will enhance the performance of MOSS.

Extending MOSS Functionality

First, developers will be able to improve MOSS capabilities by enhancing scanning and image capture, business process management (BPM), optical character recognition, records management and e-signature, amongst others.

Until now, while many of these functions were available, none of them were available from one single SharePoint partner.

By applying this new connector, companies will be able to develop complex content applications for processes ranging from performance reviews to financial reporting leveraging the 25-plus integrated enterprise content management products already available on SpringCM’s platform.

And this at a dramatically reduced cost normally associated with extending MOSS 2007 -- at least that's what SpringCM says.

Learning Opportunities

Integrating SpringCM and Partner Solutions

The second way the connector will enhance MOSS 2007 is by allowing SharePoint users access to the pre-built applications that already exist on the SpringCM platform.

These function-specific applications can be deployed rapidly on SpringCM and seamlessly integrated into organization's existing SharePoint portals.

Connector Allows For Easy Functionality

The SpringCM Connector for SharePoint provides some of the following capabilities:

  • Single sign-on allowing users move from MOSS to SpringCM without having to log-in to both at the same time.
  • The ability to conduct searches of content in SpringCM applications from SharePoint.
  • Because SpringCM is a SaaS solution, users will be able to access SharePoint whether it is installed or hosted.
  • Easy deployment: SpringCM is not built for individual enterprises – it's configured as opposed to being customized – so it is ready-to-go faster.

"Organizations use SharePoint to standardize on a single interface to their content portals," said Dan Carmel, CEO of SpringCM. "By linking SharePoint and SpringCM, we enable those organizations to address departmental content management needs that fall outside the scope of SharePoint. We do this cost-effectively and with greater agility than previously possible."