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As more companies jostle to take advantage of the white-hot Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution space (also known as "on-demand software"), SpringCM hopes to strengthen their leadership position by releasing an updated version of their SaaS Enterprise CMS.Staying in tune with the rhythms of the market, SpringCM has unveiled version 3.8 of their content management and collaboration package.The updated version includes the following enhancements and new features:* Additional Email Capture Flexibility: Emails to a specific folder can immediately kick off a review process, and will be much easier to publicize and remember.* Simplified Metadata Management: The ability to add and updated metadata, the lifeblood of any content management system, has been enhanced to improve indexing and location of content.* Search Configuration & Tuning: Users can locate documents based on what's important to them, and administrators can customize search results and weightings.* Introduction of Document Sets: This allows different document types to be related under a single identifier, examples include mortgage applications or tax returns.The introduction of document sets lays the groundwork for future enhancements including workflows and alerts being applied to document sets.* User Interface Enhancements: Hoping to enhance usability and create a more consistent navigation, SpringCM 3.8 introduces a new navigation interface to better leverage available screen real estate and allow users to focus on their activities.* Separation of UI and Back-end: Developers can now utilize all of SpringCM's built-in functionality completely independent of the user interface via web services.* Templated Instances of SpringCM: Users can now save template versions of SpringCM to enable partners to build and deploy pre-configured solutions.The on-demand software solution market, trailblazed by media darling Salesforce.com and supported by companies like Google and 37Signals, is showing no signs of slowing down.The new version of SpringCM's hosted content management system hopes to ride the wave to prosperity.Looking at the bigger picture of the Software-as-a-Service business environment, the expansion of reseller partnerships is a logical next step.Traditionally, there have been consulting firms which specialize in a specific enterprise content management solution, whether it be Documentum or IBM, etc.There is also a thriving market for vendors whose business is based on providing add-on components to existing solutions.Along the same lines, there is room in the market for companies who can bring multiple on-demand software solutions together to form a single coherent offering to meet the needs of customers across many different verticals.Not every company has the IT infrastructure or the desire to bring in a heavyweight solution, yet these companies have content management needs nonetheless.SpringCM, with its award winning on-demand solution and expanding list of partnerships, aims to satisfy the content management problems for companies across the globe.If your company is looking to add a high quality hosted content management solution to its on-demand software portfolio or if you are simply interested in a test drive of their hosted content management solution, drop on by the SpringCM site for details.