Open Text has just released Connectivity 2008, out of its Hummingbird Connectivity collection. This pretty new Hummingbird boasts a suite of ECM solutions poised to integrate heterogeneous systems, like UNIX or Mainframe, to Windows desktops.A few major changes include Windows Vista certification (32-bit and 64-bit edition compatible), which on its own made headlines just a couple of weeks ago. The certification means, among other things, that the bird gets to wear the coveted Vista badge. Hope it ain't too heavy. Eugene Cherny, Open Text's Hummingbird Connectivity general manager, gushes, "With each release comes a better opportunity to listen to our customers and provide them with the features and functionality they need to perform their jobs successfully." He adds that Connectivity '08 is no exception, with its Vista credentials, tighter security and max compatibility. Once upon a time, security was a big deal to Hummingbird, which was way before its Open Text acquisition. For Connectivity 2008, that deep-etched sentinel love resurfaces (minus the Big Brother aspect). For those tired of installing security packages, you'll be happy to learn SSL and Kerberos have now been integrated as standard features. That means you get near-militant corporate security, out of the box, with less overhead. Also, Microsoft Windows users can now wallow in the fancy-shmancy X environment. Support for the X11R7.2, which is the most current X Window System technology release. This means you, yes you, get max compatibility with all major UNIX OS and Linux distributions. Connectivity was also among the first to adopt native 64-bit computing, way back in 2004 for 64-bit Microsoft Windows platforms. But the '08 release marks the first time this support will be offered as a stock characteristic of all products under Hummingbird's wing, including NSF Maestro, Exceed, HostExplorer and Hummingbird Security. Hummingbird Connectivity 2008 hits a cybershelf near you on June 25. You can learn more about the product and the people at (an inarguably awesome URL).