Hummingbird Ltd.
Hummingbird Ltd. is making a flutter about Enterprise Content Management (ECM) for National Security organizations. Their story is enterprise data unification, security and access management, and informed decision making. Big Brother's getting ECM'ed with Hummingbird Enterprise solutions.Organizations responsible for national security programs and initiatives are often required to access and consolidate information gathered from disparate systems throughout the various federal, state and local government agencies. "Creating unified access to large amounts of data and then transforming it into accurate, consistent and timely information is a critical element for making quick, informed decisions," said Andrew Pery, chief marketing officer and senior vice president, Hummingbird Ltd. "The Hummingbird Enterprise integrated suite establishes the foundation for security planning and prevention strategy analysis to address the security intelligence requirements of first responders and decision makers in the field." Hummingbird Enterprise technologies create a unified enterprise content repository that will offer first responders and security specialists a single access point to a diverse set of information. Hummingbird's ECM solution consists of document management, data integration, knowledge management, collaboration, record management, and reporting. Solution components include:
  • Hummingbird Enterprise Content Integration creates a unified enterprise content management repository, bridging the gap between disparate structured data and unstructured content repositories. First responders will have ubiquitous access to all data and content stored across the various organizations and agencies - a critical requirement for making quick, informed decisions.
  • Hummingbird BI, Hummingbird's business intelligence and reporting tools, can access the valuable data and content and provides the tools that analysts, planners and responders need to get useful answers from the raw data.
  • Hummingbird Enterprise for ESRI enables national security organizations to leverage security intelligence through a map interface, to plan and respond. Information being compiled by the various agencies and groups is often associated with a geospatial location, such as airports, power plants and government buildings. Hummingbird's integration to geographical information systems provides a bridge from a point on a map to the information in the warehouse associated with that point, enabling a simple, yet powerful way to leverage the intelligence stored in both systems.
  • Hummingbird Enterprise E-mail Management. For audit purposes, the communication of security intelligence must also be managed. Hummingbird E-mail Management will enable government agencies to secure, manage, store and archive emails relevant to national security issues in the unified enterprise content management repository. Hummingbird Enterprise is integrated with all the major e-mail systems such as Microsoft(R) Outlook, Novell GroupWise and Lotus Notes.
  • Hummingbird Enterprise Mobility will enable first responders to stay connected with access to security intelligence anytime, from anywhere, and on any device. Hummingbird Enterprise Mobility also offers 'actionable mobility' to allow users the ability to respond to issues and resolve them while at remote locations. First responders in the field will have secure, interactive access to national security content such as documents, reports and e-mail, when and where they need it.
Hummingbird will be demonstrating the Hummingbird Enterprise solutions for national security organizations at the E-Gov Institute Homeland Security Conference at the Ronald Reagan Building in Washington, DC, on December 1st, at Hummingbird Booth No. 609.