Content Circles, the company behind the innovative, server-free collaboration solution Content Circles 1.0, has kept their word and released another tool to connect their users to the world of ECM.

The new connection brings together Content Circles 1.0 and Xerox DocuShare. After purchasing a subscription to Content Circles, DocuShare users can create a ‘Circle’ or workgroup of people they want to share documents with in a server-free environment. Documents that are pulled by the workgroup creator from DocuShare and placed into Content Circles will appear on the desktop of all Circle members’ computers for immediate access. Pretty nifty, huh?

To keep things in check and on track, Content Circles automatically creates a secure audit trail including details such as which docs have been edited and who has accessed them. The trail tracks DocuShare users as well as those who are off-line or outside the company.

To create or manage Circles requires a paid subscription to Content Circles (check out their pricing here) but those invited to a Circle can join for free. The DocuShare connector is currently available for a limited time at no additional charge, so if you’re ready to part ways with your server, try it here.