Back when we first started talking about Content Circles (news, site), the collaborative content management tool that operates without a server, we thought it was a pretty big deal that the solution was offered for less than US$ 100 annually. Imagine our surprise when news broke earlier this week that the Personal Use license is now completely free.

This new wallet-friendly option comes after a handful of announcements about the company's efforts to branch out. Sri Chilukuri, Content Circles CEO, explains: "In the first half of 2009, the company was focused on adding support for Enterprise Content Management Systems such as Microsoft SharePoint, Xerox DocuShare and Alfresco Enterprise. Now that we have succeeded in this endeavor, we are ready to expand beyond the enterprise."

It's always kind of awesome when expanding beyond the enterprise translates to free stuff, don't you think? Chilukuri added, "Offering a free Personal Use License to Content Circles will give our prospects and customers a chance to experience the power of the solution and get a deeper understanding of the potential business, not-for-profit and education solutions that can add value to all sizes and structures of organizations."

Once the solution is downloaded and installed, the user can create a collaborative Circle, invite as many members as he or she likes, and add 100 files of up to 25MB each to that Circle. All of that lovely information can then be shared between Circle members no matter their time zone, and regardless of whether or not they have an Internet connection. Interested? Sign up for and install the personal license here.