Chain Reaction Commerce, an ecommerce shopping cart maker and purveyor of CRE Loaded, a Web store application, are releasing the CRE Content Director. The Content Director is an add-on system that revs the traditional CRE Loaded with the document management features of a CMS. And it all comes in a tidy little box. In a world presented to us by CRE, the Content Director introduces a "whole new paradigm" that empowers store owners to leverage their ecommerce data to develop content more quickly, thereby driving more revenue into stores. The wee enterprise aid boasts the following capabilities: * Advanced presentation tools, which lend more flexibility for ecommerce store design * Enhanced menu logic for interchangeable navigation among categories and pages, as well as easy drill-down for vital information access to customers, such as product purchase. * Unifying category header banners * Automatic BUY links for displaying product name, thumbnail and price upon click. These links also add the product directly to the shopping cart. In addition to these features, store owners can manage their content via FTP, embed advanced HTML and php MySql code into pages. "We want to allow users to cast off the limitations of poor navigation and standalone web page publishing and get ahold of some revolutionary features," Salvatore Iozzia, founder and Chief Technology Officer at CRE, proclaimed. "This is a quantum leap toward our goal to give users the power to design and manage their stores the way they want them." You can swoop up a copy of CRE Content Director for US$ 195 as a standalone or add-on system. Discounted bundles that include CRE Loaded and File Distribution Management System are also available.