Content I/O Suite Aims to Solve Common Enterprise CMS Problems

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Armedia Content I/O Suite, Enterprise CMS
Armedia's (news, site) new Content I/O Suite ties three software components together to create an integrated content collection, migration and delivery solution, one that the company thinks will take clients handily over a number of common enterprise content management hurdles.

Collect, Migrate, Deliver

Armedia has bundled together three of its Enterprise CMS applications to create a one-stop shop for content management. Available individually, or as a package, the suite comprises the brand new Content I/O Collect which handles the collection and delivery of paper or electronic documents. (You can see Collect in action at EMC World in Florida, next week.)

Their existing content migration product, Caliente! has been rebranded as Content I/O Migrate, and helps to move data and metadata between ECM repositories, automating much of the process.

Finally, Ligero becomes Content I/O Deliver and has a delivery role -- moving data from the repository to reports, websites and other services.

Calling Collect

Being the new kid on the block, Collect is worthy of further inspection. It offers a content collection and delivery solution for paper and electronic content.

Learning Opportunities

Scanners, fax servers, network folders and more can be directed to supply data to Collect which will automatically assign metadata values and deliver to a destination repository.

CI/O Collect can extract metadata from more than 300 electronic file formats, delivering content and associated metadata to various destinations such as content management systems and enterprise software applications such as eDiscovery.

Looking Good, Getting Better

Content I/O Suite is a compelling sounding package. It offers aid with some typically tedious tasks and comes with an increasing level of interoperability. The solution currentlysupports Documentum, SharePoint, file systems and custom repositorydestinations. Further integrations with other ECM repositories andenterprise applications are on the product roadmap.


Armedia Content I/O Suite, Common Enterprise CMS Tasks Simplified

As usual, the proof is in the pudding when the rubber hits the road. But if you're staring down the business end of a content synchronization, import or migration problem, we reckon Armedia might be worth a conversation.