Bridgeway’s Legal Enterprise Suite has received a major maintenance update. By addressing both matter management capabilities as well as corporate compliance issues, the update aims to address both the growing needs and compliance requirements of the legal industry.

Enhancing the Legal Enterprise Suite

Though feedback is always welcomed, Bridgeway solicits feedback from its customers through an annual ballot so as to help them evaluate what issues to address or enhance. Both eCounsel, the company’s matter management solution and Secretariat, the company’s corporate compliance component for corporate secretaries are at the heart of this update.

eCounsel's Characters

eCounsel is now able to support single-byte international character encoding, allowing Bridgeway customers to conduct a broader, more complete search to include international characters that play nicely with traditional American characters. No longer will the German Umlaut be regarded as just another American O.

Such an update may seem trivial, but as more and more companies handle legal processes within a more diverse, global business environment, the more relevant such functionality becomes.

Secretariat's Privacy

For Secretariat, a newly enhanced SuperViewer allows for bigger and stronger data publication and protection through an interface that offers instant and secure access to specific departmental information. Administrators can now include and exclude personal information from the management process, affording them the peace of mind that confidential data is kept private and secure.

The Road Ahead

While this updates provides users assurance that data can be maintained in accordance with compliance requirement and standards, Bridgeway is focused on the future. In our conversation with Robin Keen, senior product analyst of product development, she hinted as what’s to come in updates scheduled for mid-February 2011.

Bridgeway is focused on improving usability within their matter and entity management systems, namely providing international tax support and greater checks and balances for compliance. As well they will be enhancing the electronic service of process, enabling users to download forms and increase the ability create reports and track trends.

As the legal landscape evolves amidst the expansion of both regulatory standards and electronic business processes, Bridgeway is committed to helping its customers stay up to date with updates designed to meet their needs.