Data Empowerment, records and information management
Five years in the making, the Data Empowerment Group has formally launched to help corporations with the most complex -- and least understood -- aspect of their compliance package: Records and Information Management (RIM). The Data Empowerment Group (DEG) offers a number of products and services that aide organizations in their goal to be SOX compliant as well as follow the new Federal evidentiary rules. Effective records and information management includes much more than paper-based documents today. It also includes email, voice mail, text message, and other forms of electronic communications. As a result, organizations must be careful investing in IT products and technologies. DEG offers a number of workshops focused on Record Readiness. These workshops help clients plan for and design governance policies and procedures needed to help make their IT investments. "DEG was created to help those corporations make the right decisions - prior to making costly technology investments," according to industry leader Tom Utiger, the author of Records & Information Management Risk Assessment and the founder and CEO of DEG. In addition, DEG designs and implements customized content management solutions and helps with integrating other vendors ECM solutions into an organizations. They also provide a number of other tools -- mostly targeted at Fortune 2000 companies -- that assist with records management: * RecordsEdge: a series of products for document tagging and multiple repository solutions including the Federation Module and the Connectivity Module. * LoadStream: a set of products that help load documents into content repositories including LoadStream for DB2 Content Manager and LoadStream for DB2 Content Manager onDemand. * TagMaster: a set of products used to help organize and classify documents. An example is the TagMaster for MS Office. * Records Readiness: this service provides the design and implementation roadmap for a client to move them towards a records solution. If records and information management is a critical component to your content management strategy -- and it probably should be -- take a closer look at DEG and their services to see if they are right fit for you. There's also a conference coming up in Chicago May 19-21, 2008 called Managing Electronic Records. This conference focuses on the challenges and issues of managing electronic records from different perspectives. Most of the ECM vendors we talk about will be there.