As the age of the paperless office slowly but surely makes its way from dream to reality, many organizations find themselves looking toward the enterprise information management (EIM) industry to lead the way to this Utopia. Datawatch Corporation, a leading player in EIM, has brought us one step closer to the dream with its announcement of the general availability of Datawatch|BDS (Business Document Server) V7, the latest version of its enterprise document archive, management, access and distribution software system. Datawatch|BDS is a go-to system for high-volume enterprise document capture, imaging, archiving, and retrieval, with the capability to manage billions -- yes, billions -- of documents from the point of initiation through delivery. By offering centralized management of document images, reports, customer correspondence, statements and e-mail, Datawatch|BDS works both as a repository and archive for these vastly different document types, providing an organization with a single source from which static report-based data is automatically transformed into actionable and timely information. Organizations can also enhance the versatility of Datawatch|BDS by customizing their systems with other Datawatch modules, adding abilities like document imaging, process and workflow management, and e-mail notification. “Datawatch|BDS, an important tool in our EIM solutions set, allows users to perform high-volume capture, management, storage and delivery of documents, reports and other unstructured data that make up the 85 percent of information in an organization that is not tucked away in a database,” said Harvey Gross, vice president of Enterprise Product Management and Development for Datawatch. “For many of our customers Datawatch|BDS is the cornerstone upon which their document management capabilities are built.” New features to be found in Datawatch|BDS V7 include: * Transform Manager – Allows users to convert commonly used AFP and Metacode documents to text for data mining. This useful feature includes two-tier transformation, converting documents to PDF format for display before turning them into text to provide the basis for research and analysis. * eNotify – This module lets organizations turn Datawatch|BDS’s underlying document archive into an active distribution mechanism. Once a document is archived and ready to be distributed, an e-mail is generated for each recipient. The e-mail contains an encrypted, embedded link to the document that the recipient need simply click on in order to receive the document securely over the Internet. eNotify is also designed to monitor the actual receipt of the document, making it an ideal solution to the growing problem of rising print and mail delivery costs, especially industries in which proof of delivery is a regulatory requirement. * Web Client Functionality – Enhancements have been made to the Datawatch|BDS web-client, allowing users to email documents, statements, invoices and reports stored within the archive. Multiple documents can be sent in a single e-mail, crucial for the customer service representatives ability to quickly answer customer requests for information or statement copies. All these features should add up to increased productivity for a business, and more efficient document management, which should take us closer to the aforementioned paperless Utopia. Visit the Datawatch website for more information.