Datum is Back in Action with a New Enterprise CMS for All
We haven’t heard much from Datum International in the recent past, so it’s a delight to announce the launch of their new enterprise content management solution, KnowledgeWorker.

The Software-as-a-Service solution enables employees, customers and suppliers to collaborate on information and to participate in managed and audited business processes.

The Modules... Oh, the Modules!

KnowledgeWorker empowers organizations to make sense of the tangled mess that is unstructured data and to deploy information directly into their front office and back office processes. Joining in the fun is a fully-integrated suite of modules, including:

  • Document Management System (DMS): Helping to reduce your carbon footprint and securely conduct business in a paperless environment. DMS acts as a repository for all your content, including scanned images, MS Office docs, PDF’s, video’s and drawings, etc. Additionally, DMS is highly scalable (designed to handle millions of documents), integrates with Microsoft Office and MS Outlook, and includes drag & drop document upload and the ability to select and capture e-mails.
  • Business Process Management: BPM ensures that processes are followed and audited for compliance, integrates processes with your core business applications, automates internal procedures and reduces costs and penalties.
  • Collaboration: What would an offering be without a social aspect these days, right? The collaboration module is a communication tool that allows team-work with a select group of people for projects and research. You can communicate by means of threaded discussions and manage all types of projects both external and internal as one big family.
  • Enterprise Search: Finding information easily in what Datum calls “the corporate black hole”. The Search module helps you to classify information, assists with data research, and identifies related subject matter.

Everyone’s on Cloud Nine With SaaS

The folks over at Datum have identified the current market trend of computer software to be moving in the direction of the "cloud computing" variety. Cloud model allows companies -- especially, the SMB's -- to launch their applications on a service provider’s space or the cloud.

Cloud also gives companies the access to their applications and data without having to build or maintain an expensive IT infrastructure. And, for larger organizations, the system is beneficial when it comes to the need for collaborative solutions.

Backing the notion that there is a potential market for SaaS within both large and small businesses is market research. In many cases, the annual cost to own and manage traditional, on-premise software applications can be up to four times the initial purchase price. Software-as-a-Service eliminates many of these costs.

Why KnowledgeWorker? Because the Economy is in the Dumps

We all know that the current economic direction is downhill. According to Datum, now that capital expenditure budgets are constrained, there are clear advantages for customers in accessing KnowledgeWorker on a low cost rental basis. Datum also intends to sell or rent KnowledgeWorker to service providers as a means of generating revenues from a growing worldwide market.

Those clever kids. 

Intent on becoming a solution for all, Datum states the flexibility of the platform is what makes it suitable for any type of company. As it can run unattended, it allows prospective customers to sign up at any time, literally 24 X 7, 365 days a year without human intervention.

KnowledgeWorker SaaS offering has been launched with the sponsorship of the Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce and the Westmead Business Group. If all of that tickles your fancy, do  visit www.datumplc.com for more information.