Day Gets a Nod from Gartner
A strong first half financially for 2008, several new appointments to the executive and now a nod from Gartner in their 2008 Enterprise Content Management Magic Quadrant Report. Is 2008 the year of the Day? Day Software, provider of enterprise content management solutions, has made it to the list of ECM vendors in Gartner's 2008 Enterprise Content Management Magic Quadrant. For Day, it marks a milestone, demonstrating to them that they have done well developing and selling their CQ5 platform. They are listed as a "visionary", a vendor that may offer all capabilities of a core ECM either natively or via partnering. "Visionaries show a strong understanding of the market and anticipate shifting drivers, and may lead efforts around standards, new technologies or alternative delivery models, but they have less ability to execute than the Leaders. They are building their market presence.” Day joins the ranks of Vignette and Interwoven in this section of the magic quadrant. According to Kevin Cochrane, CMO of Day Software, “Day Software has long been known as a open source and technology leader in the industry. What excites me is not only the strength of our latest product advancements, but also the new executive leadership, strategy, and growth plans we have to take this to market and broaden our market presence over the coming year.”

Day's Strengths and Cautions

Strengths * Standards Leadership: Played a lead role in developing industry standards like JSR 170, JSR 283 and the Java Content Repository * WCM platform Communiqué: The WCM uses a virtual repository, includes DAM and portal functionality enabling powerful content deployment and personalization capabilities. Cautions * Size: Day is a small, technology focused company that needs to start focusing on business buyers. Day's new strategy attempts to accomplish this new focus, but Gartner believes it will be at least a year before any traction is made. * WCM platform Communiqué: Lacks record management capabilities and offers only basic document management and workflow capabilities. According to Gartner, "Day faces substantial challenges in the overall ECM market, given its limited resources and market presence. " With a new version of its product expected out before the end of this year, Day seems primed to move their strategy forward and become a leader in the ECM market.