The global CMS and content infrastructure providers at Day Software just announced they'll continue providing standardized connectors for leading repositories. We hardly needed reminding considering they've been busy. Of recent note they introduced a new series of content repository services supporting Apache Jackrabbit. Their most current standardized offering is an interface for EMC Documentum v5.X, which will create stronger interoperability and openness for the large Enterprise Content Management firm. The EMC Documentum connector joins the suite of Day's Content Integration offerings, all of which enable companies to maintain and manage organizational content through a standardized API. All repository connectors are fully compliant with the Content Repository for Java Technology API standard (JSR 170). Operational features for the EMC Documentum standardized API range from small conveniences like single sign-on support, complete scan capabilities for large storage units and application access through JNDI, WebDAV or RMI; to more complex solutions: * Customizable content mapping from the connector to any Documentum repository * Configurable observation intervals * Repository views that enable the connector access to just a section of a Documentum repository * Parallel connector instances for multiple disjointed repository views * The ability to defer the loading of binaries, accessible through an app by URL Features specific to JCR include: * The ability to read information, including metadata, users and groups from the Documentum repository * ACL association for enterprise security requirements * The ability to search the repository via XPath or SQL * Access to all content stored in the repository or one of its subsets * Export capabilities for content * Change monitoring technology for the information stored inside the repository Full implementation of content access, synchronization and consolidation are the main benefits of standardized API technology. It also leverages future-proof standardization even if content lives in data stores that lack a JCR compliant API. In its ongoing effort to create a more harmonious union between ECM firms and their complex inner selves, just a month ago Day also enabled JCR access for FileNet Enterprise CMS. With the standardized JCR interface included in Day's Repository Connectors, companies can tap into their most critical assets business process, product, customer and document information. All this can be accessed through JSR 170 and organized as necessary. Read more about Day's EMC Documentum solution.