Day Software a provider of content management and content infrastructure software, has announced that the company is launching a series of standardized connectors for leading legacy repositories. The repository connectors are fully compliant with the Content Repository for Java Technology API standard (JSR170). The first of these groundbreaking interfaces to be delivered is for EMC Documentum.The Day connector will make enterprise content stored in Documentum's legacy repository accessible through the new industry standard, creating greater interoperability and openness. Other connectors that are in development include interfaces for FileNet, OpenText LiveLink, Microsoft SharePoint, IBM Domino.doc, Software AG Tamino, and Interwoven, among others. This technology will allow the implementation of content access, search, versioning, synchronization and consolidation, leveraging future-proof standardization, even if the content resides in data stores that do not provide a JSR-170 compliant API. "JSR-170 technology and connectors are key components for unlocking stored content and eliminating the information silos created by application-specific storage mechanisms and proprietary APIs," said David Nuescher, CTO, Day Software. Connector Features: * Read and Write Operations * Hierarchical and Direct Content Addressing * Structured Content Support * Fine Grained Content * Binary, Text, Date, and Number Data types * XPath and SQL Queries * Export Operations * Access control * Easy deployment into a web container of an application server or servlet engine * Applications can readily access the JSR 170 API using JNDI or RMI Administrative Tools: * Content Explorer - enables repository browsing and user-friendly interface to view and administer repository structure and content. * Content Zipper - exports content in a number of different formats (XML Document View, XML System View, CRX Package and zipped XML) * WebDAV Server - connects to the repository through WebDAV, allowing access to content Additional information: Content Centric Applications