Day Software, a provider of content management and content infrastructure technologies, adds new weight to their UK operations with the appointment of Allison J Woodward as Managing Director. Previously Allison headed up the ECM Business Unit for FileNet where she worked as Director of Sales.Allison states that she was inspired by Day's recent launch of CRX and their positioning as a Content Management innovator. Day’s CRX is the first content repository on the market to offer complete support for the recently approved Java technology standards in Content Management - JSR 170. By natively supporting JSR 170 in Day CRX, the new product enables applications to store, manage and access content in a robust Java technology-based repository, regardless of which platform, database, storage device, business or Web application was used to create the content. The general pitch for JSR 170 is that it will substantially mitigate the cost and complexity of maintaining and integrating Content across an Enterprise, and protect past and future technology investments in content repositories and applications. For further JSR 170 info, turn to CMSWatch's detailed article, co-authored by Day's CTO, David Nuescheler.