Day Software
Innovation and standards compliance -- with a hint of improved usability thrown in -- come together as Day unwraps the latest versions of Communiqué CMS and their JCR-compliant Content Repository Extreme (CRX). And not to be outdone by Microsoft's recent SharePoint-based Interactive Media Manager announcement, this morning the company gave us a peek under the covers of a sporting new digital asset management (DAM) solution enchantingly named Communiqué Digital Asset Management, or "CQ DAM" for those of you with less free time. Not satisfied to just be the only native "JSR 170": compliant enterprise content management solution and Java Content Repository provider in the enterprise CMS market, Day Software has released upgrades to both their content management and content infrastructure software products. Key enhancements available in these new versions include: * Synchronization with Day's Legacy Repository Connectors * Clustering of Author Instances with CRX * Japanese User Interface Added * Add-on: Portal Adapter for SAP Portal 6.0 * Seamless Migration What makes Day Software's offering unique is the manner in which they have decoupled (and sold separately) their content management solution and the content repository it drives off of. This configuration could potentially allow customers to connect an existing Communiquè system or CRX repository to another vendor's content management system or content repository respectively. The caveat being of course that both the content management system and the content repository must support the "JSR 170": standard. Day reminds us of their standard compliance at every turn, however the extent to which other vendors support the full standard could be a potential pitfall during implementation. The company claims that as part of Day’s enterprise content management suite, Communiqué Digital Asset Management is the first DAM solution to fully leverage a Java Content Repository (JCR) that is JSR 170-based. The planned QC DAM release is slated to include the following core functionality:
  • Browser-based UI
    CQ DAM provides a modern web user interface, delivering the power of a desktop application -- including extensive drag & drop support, through the flexibility of a Web browser.
  • Broad File Type Support
    An extensive variety of document formats are supported, including Adobe PDF, MS Office and Quark Express. During import operations supported document types are indexed for full text search and metadata is automatically extracted and associated. Much like GMail, manual tagging or labeling of assets allows for grouping of documents into any number of "virtual" folders.
  • Graphics Support
    Thumbnails are automatically generated from embedded images. CQ DAM allows the conversion and recompression of images, supporting image filters, scaling, cropping and watermarks.
  • Audio Support
    Allows importing of a variety of audio formats. ID3 tags are extracted and organized into an appropriate metadata structure. Embedded images are extracted for thumbnail generation.
  • Video Support
    Supports importing and exporting of Final Cut Pro EDL. Scene sequences and clips can be produced in the system and keyframes can be extracted. Annotations and attachments can be added to all video assets.
  • Process Support
    Core workflow and notifications functionality come out of the box. The grouping of assets from various locations in "trays" allows operations to be performed on arbitrary collections of assets. Access control on repository level allows for granular control over asset security.
  • Metadata Services
    Metadata from all digital assets is extracted and indexed during the import stage, and can be managed and extended on a granular level. Additional Metadata information can be added at any stage. And metadata are versioned along with the associated digital asset. DRM support is a native metadata concept in the system and folksonomy type tagging is supported via a system of asset labeling.
  • Import & Export
    Using WebDAV-based access QC DAM supports the bulk import and export of digital assets. XML import and export is also supported.
  • Versioning & Logging
    CQ DAM uses JCR (JSR-170) versioning functionality for consistent versioning of all digital assets. And all notable system events are logged for later reference.
While Day's goals of interoperability and standards compliance are admirable, both customers and shareholders should keep a close eye on how this strategy plays out. Even though other vendors such as Alfresco are aligning with the cause, customers should be tuned to how well the achievement of Day's goals meet the needs of a working and maintainable enterprise content management system. Shareholders should be alert to how interoperability and standards compliance translate to consistent profitability and growth. Can Day be successful financially while not being evil? As mentioned previously here on "CMSWire":, Day has played an important role in making "JCR Repositories": more accepted and viable in the "enterprise content management": space. The new versions of their flagship products strive to maintain compatibility while fostering innovation. And their DAM solution, targeted for release in mid-2007, will throw even more weight behind the burgeoning content standards efforts. Day is an international company, founded in 1993 and headquartered in Basel, Switzerland. They are publicly listed on the SWX Swiss Exchange as SWX:DAYN.