Daybreak ICS Integrates Data Capture for MOSS and Documentum Environments
If you have an environment which combines SharePoint and Documentum and need a way to get both electronic and paper-based information into both, then Daybreak has developed the solution for you.

Combined eCapture for SharePoint and Documentum

According to Daybreak, a lot of companies use SharePoint as the front-end interface to their Documentum CMS. This means they need a solution that will allow them to add things to SharePoint and have them automatically be stored in Documentum. In addition, some users go directly to Documentum and there needs to be a way to show that content within the SharePoint environment for other users. The Daybreak solution combines eCapture for SharePoint and eCapture for EMC Documentum into a single package. Your starting point is the eCapture LaunchPad. This tabbed interface is automatically integrated with SharePoint and EMC Documentum out the box requiring you only to set the necessary profiles for capturing and storing content into the appropriate locations. Key features of this new packaged solution offering include: * Easy deployment and operation * Automatic metadata capture * Zonal and full text OCR * TIFF, PDF, sPDF, and Native file format support * 1D and 2D bar code recognition * Configurable capture profiles for different document types * Direct out of the box integration with SharePoint and Documentum * Concurrent licensing model with no page count limitations * Batch scheduling to optimize network bandwidth * Secure communications environment

Daybreak eCapture Suite 2.0

How does this solution offering compare to the recently released Daybreak eCapture Suite 2.0? The suite enables organizations to integrate multiple repositories as well and it's primary interface is the LaunchPad which allows you to configure multiple repositories, enables metadata capture, and has the same security and document delivery capabilities.

Choosing One Solution Over the Other

The difference it appears, is that for the eCapture Suite 2.0 you must purchase plug-in modules for each ECM repository you want to add content to. For example, you would have to purchase a plug-in to the LaunchPad for SharePoint, Documentum, etc... What this newest packaged solution appears to be is an out-the-box integrated offering for SharePoint and Documentum combined. All you have to do is the configuration for your specific needs. It must also be a less expensive solution than the full eCapture Suite, but we can't say for certain. If this offering interests you, be sure to look at both solutions before you buy one. You may just find you need one more than the other.