Digital Reef Launches New ECA App, Enhanced Virtual Governance Warehouse

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In a recent survey on top providers of Early Case Assessment (ECA) services, Digital Reef(news, site) did not fair all that well. But now, with the release of a new ECA Application, their position on the list of favorites may just change.

Walk through a demo of Digital Reef's new Early Case Assessment application and you will see they know their business. CMSWire spoke with David Butler, VP of Marketing and Colby Dyess, Director of Product Management about the new Early Case Assessment Application and the changes to their existing Virtual Governance Warehouse.

Enabling Organizations to be Proactive

Nobody wants to go to court. Not just because it's a pain to sit in a court room for hours or days on end when you have much better things to do, but because it costs you money -- money for lawyers, money for settlements, etc..

Digital Reef offers solutions to help you bring your eDiscovery and ECA work in house, reducing processing costs and potentially reducing the amount of time you have to spend with your lawyers. And what's nice about their solutions is they are integrated into one seamless open tool, so you work in one place to get everything done in less time.


eDiscovery with Digital Reef

Early Case Assessment

Targeted at the business user, the ECA application allows both legal and IT users to search, cull, review and tag information, identifying the information required for a case.

Features of the new app include:

Discovery: Federated Search widens the search across a number of repositories, Content Reporting gives details on document types and data volumes and a Search Builder allows you to build your own searches.

Analysis: Define your own de-duplication strategy, customize your data into views, collections and batches without duplicating the data and run reports on search results to see the responsiveness of keywords and queries.

Governance: Analyze and tag data creating private views and run analytics to track things like custodian identities (key topics or individuals), documents and conversations.


Custodian Reports within Digital Reef's ECA App

Learning Opportunities

The ECA application also provides the ability to automatically reconstitute email threads, as well as run reports using the patented similarity engine which will help identify documents are "similar" to one and another.

Virtual Governance Warehouse 3.0

There are a number of new features with Digital Reef's Virtual Governance Warehouse 3.0 (VGW). The VGW is a virtual layer that brings together all an organizations digital information and adds in integrated discovery, analytics, governance and more.


Digital Reef's Information Governance Strategy

The VGW provides an open environment for third party applications to connect into to get the information needed for their solutions. Applications such as ERP systems and Business Intelligence systems can take advantage of this centralized location for information.

New in version 3.0 is a new connector for Documentum, the ability to export information to relational databases, LDAP and Active Directory integration and policy-based access control.

Connector management has also been improved making it easier to manage and monitor connectivity between the VGW and content storage systems.

Processing Terabytes of Data

If you are responsible for ensuring the information in your organization is discoverable and well managed, you are probably using or looking to use a solution like that from Digital Reef.

The Digital Reef solution is built for scale and speed. It can index up to 10 terabytes of data per day and can discover 250+ terabytes. It's also available as both an on-premise and hosted private cloud service from their own datacenter based in Boston.

If you want to learn more about what Digital Reef can do for you, there's a webinar happening on March 30. Sign up and get your own demonstration. Some things are easier to understand when you see them in action.