Impact Systems Offers Solutions for Small to Mid-Sized Companies based on Documentum
So you like Documentum, but you don't like the price tag associated with developing an enterprise content management solution on it? You're in luck then because Impact Systems has developed a couple of solutions just for you, especially if you have those annoying compliance g-men hanging out in the office. Impact Systems has designed a number of enterprise content management products and services intended specifically for small to mid-sized businesses. These preconfigured solutions are based on the Documentum platform and include key solutions such as: * Compliance-in-a-box SOP Edition: Provides compliance and control software required to manage regulated content (think SOP and Recipes) * Compliance-in-a-Box Submission Edition: A solution for emerging pharmaceutical and biotech companies who require a content management solution that is regulated and includes electronic submissions that meet eCTD guidelines * Migration Assessment service: A standalone service that provides guidance when considering the migration to Documentum 6 platforms Sounds pretty good right? Impact Systems worked with EMC Documentum to design services and these specific products around the Documentum ECM. So while maybe the price is right for the service and the solution, you do still have buy and install Documentum itself - and that's not an inexpensive venture. On the plus side, Impact says it can have your regulated solution up and running in a matter of weeks as compared to the traditional months. Impact Systems also has experience in deploying EMC Documentum Enterprise Content Services and Compliance Manager, including Documentum 6 and 6.5. For their part, Documentum does recognize the importance of information compliance as demonstrated by their own roadmap. Most of their offerings are likely designed for those with a fair amount of cash. So it is nice to see them help Impact work for the smaller guys.