eFileCabinet version 4.0 gives secure document management
Many companies have turned to document management solutions to aid in keeping information organized. But does your document management solution address changing security protocols or regulatory compliances? eFileCabinet version 4.0, released this week, includes key upgrades to address these strict demands.

eFileCabinet provides document management and online backup services so that companies are able to work faster, smarter and more efficiently. Their goal is to assist with the capture, management and protection of business-critical documents and data.

eFileCabinet Features Overview

Offering a core set of solutions for document and information management, eFileCabinet’s base features make it appealing to many medium to large businesses:

  • Electronic Document Management – Easy to use systems for an eco-friendly world looking to create and manage a cost-effective workflow.
  • Concentsus Online Backup – eFileCabinet offers online document backup through Concentsus.
  • Paperless Solutions – Reduce the amount of paper your company is producing and thereby lower your enterprise carbon footprint.
  • Industry Specific Solutions – Due to regulations at times being industry specific, solutions are also industry specific and range from accounting to aerospace to restaurant management.

eFileCabinet Version 4.0 Upgrades

As mentioned, the face of document management is changing and therefore so is the face of security and regulatory issues associated with electronic document management. eFileCabinet aims to stay on top of the game with their new release addressing a variety of security protocols and regulations for a range of industries (as these regulations can frequently be industry specific).

  • Advanced File Encryption – Designed to meet changing demands of regulatory compliance including HIPAA, SEC and FINRA and provide added security.
  • Embedded PDF Viewer – Access PDF’s from any computer whether it has a reader installed or not. Also comes with a PDF editor to allow for quick changes and collaboration.
  • Optical Character Recognition – Allows for full, quick searching of text.
  • Sophisticated Security Features – Permission based groups and audit trails.
  • Flexible Licensing Options - Allows for concurrent software usage with added security.
  • Dynamic Document Check-In, Check-Out System – Similar to those on HTML programs like Dreamweaver, check-in/check-out systems ensure that only one person is working on a document at a time. It also provides instant information as to who is using that document.
  • E-Mail Files with Built-In Passwords – Secure your email files with passwords for added security.

Available now, eFileCabinet version 4.0 offers document management solutions for the changing world we live in. And with a list of over 20,000 customers, they seem to know what they are doing. Pricing varies on needs, but they do offer the option of requesting a live demo.

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